Mestrando Je

Leader of Aluaiê Capoeira UK

Mestrando Je (Jefferson Oliveira) started training Capoeira in 1994 in the project Crianças Carentes (street children's project) in Londrina with Mestre Fran. Mestrando Je started his career as a capoeira instructor in 2002 in Mestre Fran's academy in Londrina, Brazil. Since then he has worked in different projects teaching capoeira for children growing up in the less privileged neighbourhoods in Londrina (Casa do Caminho - 2002, Guarda Mirim - 2003, Projovem - 2011, etc.).

Mestrando Je also taught Capoeira and music in Londrina's juvenile prison in 2011, and since 2010 collaborates with the NGO Beyond Action in London and Brazil. He became a certified Capoeira Professor in July 2010 and a Capoeira Mestrando in November 2013.

Mestrando Je currently lives in London where he works teaching capoeira in the community for different projects around London. For more information about his current classes please check Follow Us section at the bottom of the page.