Social Projects

Mestrando Je works in social projects in London and Brazil, using Capoeira as the vehicle to propagate the Brazilian culture among youngsters.

We want to give the more disadvantaged young people in the community the chance to develop their skills and help them make better and healthier choices about their life. We are working at the moment with some youth centres for young offenders and young people at risk of committing crimes and taking drugs. With our weekly lessons we give them another alternative: to spend more time with other people of their age sharing common interests, exercises, playing instruments and teaching them acrobatics. These young people have a lot of energy and can get very dedicated to the activity. Some of our current students with a history of drug abuse found in us a second family and every day spend more time with us, not only practising Capoeira, but also doing other outdoors activities with us, watching capoeira videos, practising music, going to gymnastic centres to practice on their own. Capoeira can be a very addictive activity and the students will never get tired of practising it as there are so many things to learn.

We dedicate our time to help the young people in the community, but we also offer lessons in other academies where the age range of the students goes from 6-50 year olds and over.

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